South Shepherd Storage

Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.)

Q Where are you located?
A We are located 7 miles north of Billings on the south side of Hwy 312 (Northern Ave) 1/4 mile west of Shepherd Rd.  Look for us behind the Singer Shack.
Q What kind of lock can I put on the door?
A We will provide you with a new lock and all of the keys for your storage unit. This is the only lock allowed on your unit. Be careful with your keys because if you lose them we can not open the lock. However, we do reserve the right to overlock the unit if rent is late. The lock is yours to keep, please remove it when you move out.
Q When can I access my unit?
A 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with a gate access code.
Q When can I rent a unit?
A Most anytime, just call (406)-861-8963 to setup an appointment
Q What does it cost to rent a unit?
A Costs vary by unit size. Please call (406)-861-8963 or see the sizes page. We also have special rates for long-term contracts.
Q When is rent due?
A Rent is due on the first of each month. If payment has not been recieved by the first, the unit will be overlocked and tenant access will be denied until payment and any late fees have been paid in full.
Q What form of payment can I use to pay rent?
A We currently accept cash, checks or credit cards. Please mail your rent payment to P.O. Box 51145 Billings, MT 59105. For credit cards, please call (406)-861-8963.
Q What if I am late paying rent?
A Late fees will be assessed at 5% per day starting with the first of the month. If you know you will be late paying rent, please call us before the end of the month to discuss your options.
Q What if my key will not open the lock?
A Managment has overlocked your unit or it is possible that the lock has malfunctioned. In either case please call (406)-861-8963.
Q What does "overlocked" mean?
A The provided lock does not allow us access to your unit. However, it does allow management to alter your lock to prevent your entry. If your key does not work, call to find out why.
Q Can South Shepherd Storage Management access my unit?
A No. You will be provided with all of the keys for the lock on your unit.
Q What if I lose my keys?
A Contact management at 406-861-8963. A fee of $10.00 will be assessed if a new lock is required.
Q What items are prohibited?
A Any illegal substances, flamables, hazardous chemicals (gas, oil, propane tanks, etc). The rental contract contains a complete list of prohibited items.
Q Are the contents of my unit insured?
A Tenants are responsible for insuring their belongings. Most insurance companies provide renter's insurance, or contact us for an insurance company that specializes in storage rental insurance.